Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Curvy Girls Unites Scoliosis Patients

Founded 2006 by Leah Stoltz, Curvy Girls ( is an international scoliosis peer support system. Leah founded the organization “talk to other girls who were going through the same thing--- feeling alone, different, angry about their brace, and worried about having to have surgery.”

Leah’s Story
“Fitting in isn’t easy when you’re a teenager wearing a body brace 23/7. I was finishing my first year in middle school when I was diagnosed with Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis and had to wear that “thing” to school. I wore my brace faithfully despite arguments and failed attempts to hide my brace in my locker. Ultimately, I required surgery to correct the two curves growing in my back. On June 27, 2006, I had two titanium rods and 22 screws affixed to my spine. My biggest concern was that I wouldn’t be able to dance for a year.”

Curvy Girls acknowledges that scoliosis affects the patients both physically and mentally. “While the back brace is supporting our bodies, Curvy Girls is our emotional brace. We need to help our girls feel better about themselves from the inside out.”

Patients are able to find local support on the website and local leaders within their own neighborhoods. In the Richmond area, Marissa and Ella are Curvy Girl leaders excited to connect with new friends.

Marissa is 11 years old and excited to be a Curvy Girls' Leader. She was diagnosed with scoliosis in June 2017 and began wearing a Boston Brace in August 2017. She wear it for 16 hours a day, even though she says it is “SO uncomfortable!” She did get used to her brace and now enjoys acting, musical theater, singing, playing piano, dancing, and hanging out with friends and family.

Ella is 11 years old and loves staying active in sports and with her friends. Her favorite sport is gymnastics, but she also plays soccer, dances and is on the swim team.  She was diagnosed with scoliosis in August 2017, the summer before her 5th grade year.  Her curve was at 20 degrees and she was told she needed to wear her back brace 18 hours per day. She has 2 sisters and is in the middle sister.  Both Ella and her younger sister were diagnosed with scoliosis at the same time. Her younger sister is 8 years old and has a 25-degree curve.  Both girls feel blessed to have a sister to share their journey. She is excited to be co-leader with Marissa of the Richmond area Curvy Girls’ group. Her hope is to carry on the positive message and support that she has received for many girls in the area. 

Next meeting is:
June 17th at 1:00pm
July 15th at 3:00pm

Then e-mail Marissa and Ella for location.

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